MLA Geotechnical served as both the geotechnical engineer and quality control testing lab for this new 212- acre development project in Kyle, Texas with over 540,000 square feet of retail space and 990,000 square feet of parking. The project was won as a partner with the earthwork contractor Rodman Construction, with a competitive bid for the mass grading executed by the owner. Infrastructure testing required another stand-alone contract with the owner. Both contracts were completed under budget.

MLA Geotechnical observed and tested the compaction of a mass grading of over one million cubic yards of fill on site with variable site conditions from shallow limestone to deep, expansive clay. Both density testing and proofroll compaction testing were utilized in the variable soil conditions on site. Other site development testing included all underground utility backfill, all subgrade, base course and HMAC testing for all municipal and private pavements, and the construction of select fill pads across the site.

MLA Geotechnical supplied geotechnical recommendations for foundations for 22 commercial buildings, retaining walls, and pavement layer thickness throughout the site. Variable subgrade site conditions made the pavement designs of both heavy-duty concrete and asphalt challenging in order to achieve maximum pavement performance throughout the project. All of the geotechnical recommendations were provided under a lump sum contract. No addenda were required during completion of the geotechnical recommendations. Geotechnical recommendations for pavement design were made for both municipal pavements (City of Kyle standards) and private pavements. The private pavement consisted of both HMAC and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) paving. Pavement testing included HMAC compaction, asphalt content, HMAC thickness, base course compaction, lime stabilized subgrade gradations and density, concrete rebar size and spacing verification, concrete compressive strength testing, and subgrade proofrolling and/or nuclear densities.

MLA Geotechnical also worked with the all design partners on the project to lower the potential movement of soil beneath structures with a remove and replace system of earthwork. This cooperation between firms led to a substantial material cost savings to the builder without a loss of performance.

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