MLA Geotechnical contracted to produce geotechnical recommendations for the foundation of the new 75,000 sq. ft. heavy duty retail and repair building and pavement designs for the minor arterial street created with the project in Georgetown, Texas. All of the geotechnical recommendations were provided under a lump sum contract. An estimated bid won MLA Geotechnical a competitive bid for the quality control testing.

Geotechnical services were performed for a lump sum fee for the buildings and Aviation Drive separately. Seven borings were taken for the building with limited laboratory testing due to shallow limestone on site. Foundation recommendations focused on a spread footing design. Three pavement borings were later taken for pavement recommendations. These recommendations utilized both HMAC and concrete designs to satisfy the performance needs of heavy duty truck traffic loads.

Testing for quality control purposes for both the building and the minor arterial Aviation Drive was performed by MLA Geotechnical. Testing for the building included subgrade and building pad proctors density testing, steel reinforced footing, foundation pre-pour and concrete testing, and steel reinforced tilt wall pre-pour and concrete testing. Testing for Aviation Drive included proctors and density testing of underground utility trenches, subgrade and base course proctors and density testing, concrete paving pre-pour, concrete testing, and HMAC bulk sampling, testing and coring.

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