This Kyle, Texas forensic remediation of an education building had a total construction cost of nearly $1.7 million. MLA Geotechnical won the materials testing contract with a competitive bid and stayed within budget. The renovation required no addenda to the original MLA Geotechnical estimate and added no square footage to the building.

MLA Geotechnical placed 8 borings for the forensic engineer to assist in the forensic investigation and remediation of an existing school. Six of the eight borings were placed inside the school. Boring locations and depths were determined in conjunction with the forensic engineer. Laboratory testing including Atterberg limits, grain-size analysis, moisture content tests, unit weight determination, and compressive strength tests performed on representative soil samples. The results of the borings and laboratory tests were used by the forensic engineer to make a determination of remaining shrink and swell potential of the existing subsurface profile, assess causes of foundation movement, and develop a repair plan.

Voids in the load-bearing building pad required an extension of the exterior beam of the building. MLA Geotechnical performed pre-pour reinforcement testing and concrete inspections on this extension. MLA Geotechnical also tested and monitored the placement of flowable fill to fill the voids in the pad, performing both material qualification testing and unconfined compressive strength testing of the fill. Finally, a French drain system was constructed around the Western and Southern sides of the building to channel water away from the foundation. MLA Geotechnical observed the construction of this system and performed quality control tests on the gravel backfill.

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