MLA Geotechnical served as the quality control inspection firm for this 432,000 total square foot new building complex consisting of one below ground parking garage, one assisted living medical facility, two administrative buildings, three residential condominiums, and ten residential duplexes. MLA Geotechnical received this contract with a sealed competitive bid and performed the work for SpawGlass Contractors, Inc. This approximately $64 million total construction cost project located in Austin, Texas did not require any addenda to the original estimate for materials testing.

MLA Geotechnical observed and tested over 500,000 cubic yards of mass grading to prepare the site for vertical construction. Building inspections included pier observation and inspections, concrete and shotcrete testing, post tension and steel pre-pour inspections, shearwall and sheathing inspections on all buildings, wood framing and truss inspections on some buildings, CMU wall testing and firestop, and fireproofing inspections. Land development testing included proctors, subgrade density testing, base course density testing, and HMAC bulk sample testing. Overall, MLA Geotechnical tested 1,848 concrete cylinders and 9 HMAC bulk samples, and performed 451 pre-pour reinforcement inspections and 109 wood framing inspections.

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