This 10 total story, 135,000 sq. ft. residential building was constructed in Austin, Texas for a total cost of approximately $40 million. The project consisted of 7 stories above ground and 3 stories below ground. MLA Geotechnical served as the geotechnical engineer for this project. No addenda to this contract were required and the geotechnical investigation was completed for the contract amount. The geotechnical investigation consisted of placing 4 borings across the site to depths of approximately 65 feet each using thin-walled tube samplers in soil and rock coring in limestone. Laboratory testing including Atterberg Limits, grain-size analysis, moisture content tests, and compressive strength tests on representative soil samples. Geotechnical recommendations for foundation and pavement designs were developed from the field and laboratory data. Recommendations were included for lateral earth pressures on basement walls, bearing stratum and bearing capacity for pier foundations, elevator shaft design parameters, pavement thickness design, and basement wall drainage design.

MLA Geotechnical also served as the quality control lab for the project via a competitive sealed bid delivered and executed to the owner of the project. MLA Geotechnical sent an estimate to the client and final invoicing reflected nearly exactly MLA Geotechnical’s original estimate.

MLA Geotechnical performed all pier inspections and concrete testing on the building’s foundation. The three stories of underground parking and seven stories of above ground residential space was built using a combination of post tension cable reinforced concrete and steel reinforced concrete. MLA Geotechnical performed all reinforcing pre-pour inspections and concrete testing as well as post-pour stressing inspections of floor cables. All fire-stop inspections for the building were performed by MLA Geotechnical.

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