The extreme site conditions for this project provided unique design and testing challenges for MLA Geotechnical as the proposed new 6,900 sq. ft. $1.5 million building in Briarcliff, Texas was to be constructed on a sloping hillside with an exposed rock face. MLA Geotechnical won the quality control testing bid with a competitive bid billed at a time and expense rate. The project was completed for less than the bid amount and all monies remaining in the estimated budget became a savings to the owner.

The geotechnical investigation created recommendations for a split level foundation with a connecting structural wall and heavy duty pavement designs. All of these recommendations were focused on the increased load requirements for all structures due to the size and weight of the vehicles housed at the location. All of the geotechnical recommendations were provided under a lump sum contract. No addenda were required during completion of the geotechnical recommendations.

Quality control testing for the project included running proctors and material qualifiers for the subgrade, building pad and parking select fill and utility trenches; density testing for the subgrade, upper and lower building pads, paving base course, utility trenches and the structural wall backfill; pre-pour and concrete testing of the upper and lower steel reinforced slabs, steel reinforced structural wall and paving; mortar and grout testing, and structural joint inspections.

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