MLA Geotechnical served as both the geotechnical engineer and quality control testing lab for this 70-acre Medical Park and hospital development project in Lakeway, Texas. The geotechnical feasibility study and foundation and pavement recommendations were completed for the developer for a lump sum contract. No addenda were required to the lump sum contract.

Significant earthwork was required on this 20 percent sloping site, with cuts and fills to the natural grade as large as 40 to 45 feet. As such, MLA Geotechnical was asked in its investigation to determine what type of material lay below the natural grade and its suitability for use as common fill and select fill beneath the building pads, parking garage pads, and infrastructure of the project. MLA Geotechnical was also asked to develop material qualifications and testing protocols for the mass grading to occur on site.

Twenty borings were placed on site at depths varying from seven feet for surface parking to fifty feet for the hospital. Samples were taken and moisture content, Atterberg Limit, and Unconfined Compressive Rock Core Strength testing was performed in the lab. The lab results were used to generate pavement and foundation design recommendations for two one-story mixed-use retail/restaurant buildings. Future construction on the site once the earthwork is completed will include two three-story medical office buildings, a one-story day care, a six-story hotel, a three-story Specialty Hospital, an eight-story General Acute Care Hospital, a three-story parking garage, and a six-story parking garage.

The ongoing mass grading and infrastructure testing for site development was awarded with a competitive bid to the General Contractor. An addendum was added upon a redesign of the wet pond containing 45-foot gravity walls.

MLA Geotechnical has observed and tested the compaction of a mass grading of over 775,000 cubic yards of fill on site with material being excavated from the hillside and used to fill a broad ravine. Testing for this phase of the project included material qualification testing, running proctors, and over 800 density tests on the compacted fill. Other site development testing includes all underground utility backfill, all subgrade, base course and HMAC testing for all private and public pavements, all QA/QC testing for the construction of the detention pond and ornamental pond, and the construction of select fill pads across the site.

MLA Geotechnical expects to be the material testing firm for the vertical development of the buildings on site and will submit estimated budgets for that testing by individual building upon completion of the site development phase of this project.

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