MLA Geotechnical completed two borings for this renovation of a healthcare building in Georgetown, Texas for an original lump sum estimate. Upon review of the completed logs of boring, the structural engineer determined that bearing capacity in both the existing select fill and the subsurface limestone was needed for design of spread footings. Bearing capacity was determined and design recommendations were provided.

MLA Geotechnical won the construction materials testing contract for this renovation with an original sealed competitive bid estimate. However, during our investigation for the $1,750,000.00 remediation (no square footage added) it became apparent through the discovery of a groundwater issue below the existing building that an expanded scope of work was required. A second bid was send to the owner. All work was completed within budget.

The remediation of the existing building included the pouring of new footers and beams, pouring of the flat floor slab, placement of new plumbing in the existing building pad, and steel framing reconstruction. MLA Geotechnical observed and tested the pre-pour reinforcement and concrete for the beams, footers and slab, the density testing for all plumbing backfill in the building pad, and welding inspection for all steel framing reconstruction.

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