MLA Geotechnical was awarded the construction materials testing contract from the owner, Alliance Communities, for this $27 million 18-building luxury apartment complex in North Austin, Texas. The construction materials testing contract was won via competitive bid. Stressing inspections of all buildings were originally assigned to the structural engineer and later reassigned to MLA Geotechnical. This was the cause for the budget overrun and did not require a budget addendum.

Construction materials testing for the project included material qualifying of on-site material, lot fill and lot grading compaction testing, running proctors, subgrade and building pad density compaction testing for all 18 buildings and 8 garages, lime stabilized subgrade and base density compaction testing for all streets and parking, steel reinforced concrete paving pre-pour and concrete testing, steel reinforced parking pre-pour and concrete testing, and concrete and post-pour stressing inspections for all buildings.

MLA Geotechnical also certified the construction of the detention and filtration pond for the City of Austin. Testing for this phase of the project included running proctors, density compaction testing of pond subgrade, and verification of placement of Firestone PondGard geomembrane pond liner. Geomembrane pond liner testing also included seam, tie-in and penetration inspections, gradation material qualifier testing for topsoil cap, certification of topsoil cap, and concrete testing of all concrete structures in the pond.

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