This planned community in San Marcos allowed MLA Geotechnical to perform several unique design and testing protocols for the variable soil conditions of the area. All geotechnical investigations for pavement designs for the project met the municipal street standards of the City of San Marcos, including the design of Major Arterial streets.

A Major Arterial design with heavy concrete pavement over a lime-stabilized subgrade was requested by the owner and contractor. Its design was based on both long-term performance and construction cost, and was relatively unique to the Central Texas area for private development, where asphalt pavement is the norm. MLA Geotechnical observed and tested the construction of this design as well as the utility trenches for the City of San Marcos, grading fill, and poured concrete throughout the development phase of the project.

In addition, MLA Geotechnical supplied geotechnical recommendations and acted as the quality control inspectors for the new Blanco Vista Elementary School in the development. Construction materials testing duties included all aspects of site preparation, building pad construction, pier and foundation inspection, mortar and grout testing, and structural steel inspection.

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