Geotechnical Consultations and Investigations

MLA Geotechnical offers geotechnical engineering and consulting on a wide array of diverse projects to home builders, developers, architects, engineers, governmental agencies, public and private entities, and other municipalities. Geotechnical consultation is provided by highly qualified and experienced professional engineers supported by certified field and laboratory technicians with an average tenure of over 15 years with MLA Geotechnical. Geotechnical consulting services are provided mainly for pavement and foundation investigations, site feasibility, and forensic reports for a broad range of projects including residential foundation design, municipal pavement design, commercial pavement design, electrical generation and distribution, water and wastewater treatment plants, landfills, dams and levees, trench safety, multi-story and single story offices, warehouses, and other residential structures.

MLA Geotechnical offers geotechnical engineering services throughout the state of Texas with a focus on the IH 35 corridor from south Texas to Dallas-Fort Worth including the Hill Country and the Houston area.

MLA Geotechnical owns its own fleet of drill rigs and has drilled over 150,000 borings throughout Texas, collecting over 50 years of soils data on the most expansive soils in the nation! MLA Geotechnical has the expertise, experience, and capability to provide a wide range of exploratory, investigative drilling and sampling services.

Geotechnical Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploratory Drilling and Sampling Operations
    In accordance with professionally accepted standards

  • In-site Measurement and Instrumentation
    Using procedures such as blow counts (N-value) and rock coring

  • Full Service Soil and Rock Testing Laboratory
    Testing includes Atterberg Limits, shear strength, % swell, rock compressive strength, soil suction, permeability, and more.

  • Recommendations for Geotechnical Projects
    Recommendations for pavement design, foundation design, land development, slope stability studies, landfill and pond liners, embankments, retaining structures, and other geotechnical issues

  • Forensic Investigations
    Analysis of foundation and pavement performance, with determination of cause and any necessary remedial measures.

  • Specialty Testing Related to Expansive Soils
    Soil suction, permeability, and % swell

With the expertise and experience required, MLA Geotechnical is capable of managing geotechnical projects ranging from basic investigations and assessments to elaborate, large-scale projects.

Residential Construction

MLA Geotechnical specializes in residential foundation design and residential land development, including pavement design, with a focus on expansive soils.  With regard to foundation design, the goal is to provide a foundation that is responsive to the specific soils conditions on the site while minimizing foundation construction costs when prudent. MLA Geotechnical can help a builder prevent under-design that leads to structural damage and minimize over-design, so that your money is spent wisely.  Full foundation and framing plans can be provided by MLA Geotechnical's affiliate company, MLAW Engineers.  For your residential land development project, MLA Geotechnical can ensure that the developer provides lots that will be acceptable to builders. This often includes specific recommendations for processing lot fills, especially in expansive clays.  Additionally, MLA Geotechnical develops pavement design recommendations to meet the varied requirements of the local municipalities in the region.