The MLA Geotechnical Forensics Department offers full forensic site investigations for a variety of engineering and construction issues.  These investigations are geared toward determining the cause of the problem and developing solutions to correct the problem for the future.  These investigations can range in scope from a simple on site meeting to discuss possible causes up to developing expert reports and providing expert witness testimony. Typical forensic analysis projects include, but are not limited to: Post-tension and conventional rebar foundation failures, concrete and HMAC (asphalt) pavement failures, retaining wall and slope stability failures, detention and wet pond failures, and a variety of other post-construction issues.

Forensic site investigations often include sampling materials inside completed, or nearly complete, structures. These structures are often occupied at the time of investigation.  This type of work requires the proper equipment, expertise, and manpower that MLA Geotechnical can provide to ensure the quality of results with minimal invasive damage to the structure being studied.  MLA Geotechnical maintains the specialty equipment necessary to perform these investigations, including specialty drill rigs that can sample in tight spaces and indoors. 

Upon completion of the investigation, MLA Geotechnical’s certified field personnel are also available for quality control testing of any type of retrofit or redesign, should one be implemented.

Should the investigation lead to litigation, MLA Geotechnical provides analysis, reports, and expert testimony by a qualified,c  expert engineer in geotechnical and construction materials engineering.