Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

MLA Geotechnical is a TxDOT certified and AASHTO accredited laboratory. MLA Geotechnical works in conjunction with owners, developers, municipalities, professional design teams, and contractors to evaluate conformance with project specifications for materials and procedures during construction. Services include a full range of soil, concrete, steel, and asphaltic concrete laboratory testing and on-site consulting, testing, and inspection services. All work is performed by qualified ACI and NICET engineering technicians using state-of-the-art equipment, calibrated in accordance with applicable standards.

MLA Geotechnical’s highly qualified engineers and certified technicians work closely with clients to provide accurate, on-time construction materials testing services. This team approach to construction projects assures clients that the project will meet the specifications set forth by all governing bodies and the construction plans.  Construction materials testing services are currently offered in central and south-central Texas including Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding cities and counties.

Construction Materials Testing Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Earthwork Testing
    Includes general fill, building pads for commercial buildings, residential lot fill, compacted clay liners/soil liner evaluation reports (SLERs), utility trenches, embankments, and earthen dams.
    Typical testing includes compaction testing with nuclear density gauge, moisture-density (proctor) curves, and material qualifiers including Atterberg Limits and gradations.

  • Paving Testing
    Typically includes utility trench backfill, subgrade stabilization, base course compaction, and varied hot mix asphaltic concrete (HMAC) tests, and flexural or compressive strength of concrete.

  • Vertical Construction
    Includes rebar placement, concrete strength, stressing, drilled piers, framing, masonry, fire stopping, and structural steel.

  • Forensic Investigations
    Analysis of foundation and pavement performance with determination of cause and any remedial measures.

  • Specialty Tests
    Many specialty tests can also be performed. Please contact MLA Geotechnical for availability.