Quality customer service has been the guiding principle for MLA Geotechnical for more than five decades. This principle manifests itself in the everyday workings of our firm in several ways.


  1. Staff availability- All senior staff are required to give out cell phone information with all correspondence and should be able to be reached at any time of day. Engineers and Project Managers are available in the field on short notice to discuss issues and solve problems. All field personnel are trained to be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable in their area of work.
  2. Creative problem solving- MLA Geotechnical staff are often forced to create unique solutions to problems that typically arise in the field. These solutions are focused not only on the quality of engineering, but also on constructability in the field and the associated cost to the client. This commitment to problem solving often involves short notice site visits by senior staff to evaluate conditions.
  3. Engineering Integrity- MLA Geotechnical prides itself on serving the client while designing quality projects that exceed client expectations. The firm is not shy about voicing engineering concerns to design partners and is committed to ensuring that the project is safe, competent, and built to the highest specifications.
  4. Employee Retention- MLA Geotechnical prefers not to hire from within our industry.  Consequently, nearly all senior field, laboratory, and administrative staff have been trained and certified with our firm. This approach allows employees to be fully immersed in our company culture and aids in our extremely high employee retention rate. As a result, our employees are able to forge long-term relationships with clients, municipalities, design partners, and contractors.