Geotechnical Engineering

The Geotechnical Engineering department at MLA Geotechnical maintains a scheduling position that manages our fleet of eight drill rigs.  MLA Geotechnical owns all of its drill rigs and employs its own full-time drilling crews.  Rather than relying on subcontract drilling like most other geotechnical engineering firms, owning our own drill rigs allows for flexibility to schedule drilling operations throughout our service areas.  This gives MLA Geotechnical the ability to meet the time constraints of a project that most other firms cannot.  Additionally, MLA Geotechnical maintains a variety of drilling equipment from heavy-duty truck mounted drill rigs to smaller track mounted and portable drilling equipment.  This allows MLA Geotechnical to drill a variety of projects including projects that require drilling indoors or in tight spaces, such as a residential backyard.

The Geotechnical Engineering department assigns a qualified project manager to each project.  Under the supervision of the responsible engineer, each project managers develops instructions for drilling and sampling, evaluates all soil and rock samples taken during drilling, assigns appropriate laboratory testing, analyzes the subsurface conditions and laboratory testing results, and develops geotechnical engineering recommendations.  These recommendations are summarized in a geotechnical engineering report and delivered to the client in a timely manager.  The project managers and engineers are available at any time via phone and email, during and after completion of the project, to answer questions from the client and other design professionals. 

Construction Materials Testing

The Construction Materials Testing department maintains a stand-alone scheduling position whose sole duty is to serve the client’s in-the-field testing needs. This system allows MLA Geotechnical to present the client with a single point of contact to initiate testing, as well as the capacity to track testing history for any particular client. It further gives MLA Geotechnical the advantage of flexible scheduling; meeting same day or emergency testing, as needed.

MLA Geotechnical assigns a qualified project manager that is directly responsible for every detailed aspect of the project. The project manager and his staff are responsible for procuring all necessary maps, plans, details, material requirements, and any other information necessary for completion of the work. The project manager then teams with all other professionals on the project to ensure timeliness of reporting, technically superior service, and flexible problem solving for the client. All project managers with MLA Geotechnical are focused on clear communication with the client and project professionals and are available on the phone, or in the field, at any time. Further, project managers track all field personnel and testing, compare estimated testing to actual testing, and communicate any discrepancies to the client in a timely manner.

Nationally accredited technicians and approachable, available engineers enable MLA Geotechnical to tackle any engineering problem quickly, on the phone or in the field. Long-standing working relationships with area contractors allow MLA Geotechnical to represent the client’s interest without sacrificing efficiency or scheduling on site.  All essential MLA Geotechnical personnel are available, at any time, for on site meetings to solve any potential problems in the field quickly.