Begun as Snowden & Meyer, Inc. in 1964, MLA Labs, Inc. was formed in 1985 and continues today as MLA Geotechnical. MLA Geotechnical maintains its headquarters where the company was founded in Austin, Texas.  MLA Geotechnical practices geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and forensic analysis and engineering solely in the state of Texas.  With over 50 years of data collection, testing, and analysis of the subsurface conditions, MLA Geotechnical is the local expert in the state of Texas.

MLA Geotechnical maintains a highly qualified team of engineering professionals. Our interactive team approach is specifically tailored to maximize service to the unique requirements of each client and project. MLA Geotechnical assigns a qualified project manager that is directly responsible for every detailed aspect of the project. This provides the customer with a direct point of contact for all project phases and ensures the accuracy, quality, and timeliness of reporting that is a hallmark of the company.

 The team approach for MLA Geotechnical is committed to providing the client a timely and technically superior service in the most efficient and professional format possible. This means that all key personnel, including the principal decision-making engineer, are available to the client night or day to answer questions. Clear communication of project requirements and scope are interactively developed with the client in order to ensure all expectations are mastered, on schedule, within budget, and in a technically exact manner. A superior track record of successful projects and a high degree of client satisfaction is a result of this interactive team approach. MLA Geotechnical is fully committed to ensuring this success on all future endeavors.